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Here are some ideas of what to expect whenever dating in Korea as a foreigner


Here are some ideas of what to expect whenever dating in Korea as a foreigner

Thus, you have coordinated with some men. Delivered some information. Replaced Kakao ID’s and from now on you’re prepared to see this person in true to life. Just like any time or meet and welcome, you’ll want to feel comfortable aided by the person you’re satisfying, but to not waiting too long before going ahead and meeting personally if online dating or a friends with benefit situation is your intent.


Two things possible generally anticipate on an initial time with a Korean. You may always be requested these concerns throughout the go out if not earlier, a€?in which are you presently from?a€?…a€?What makes you in Korea?a€?… a€?just how long are you going to stay-in Korea?a€?… a€?the trend is to have actually a boyfriend?a€?… Sometimes the early, a€?Can we become your boyfriend?a€? but without fail they constantly ask, a€?what age have you been?a€?.

Age is still a large an element of the Korean customs, they establishes the hierarchy of that is the first choice on dining table.


This performs in to the ingesting community. The youngest individual should pour the products with two fingers. The youngest individual is obviously expected to conceal her windows along with their hand when they take in aswell. I always forget about that part, but I am able to get away with many things as a foreigner.

However something is actually for particular, you usually must drink additionally. Basically collect my windows to capture a glass or two, my personal Korean go out will frequently rush mid-bite for too. It is kind of frustrating a€“ specifically because I can constantly around take in your partner a€“ however for more parts Koreans handle her soju better. I’ve found that consuming is a significant section of dating right here…though complete disclosure: I’m from Wisconsin, therefore I typically stay away from schedules with people who don’t take in or you shouldn’t see consuming.

The bill.

However each person features her personal choice for make payment on bill, but typically in Korea the oldest people accounts for having to pay. In case you are the oldest and a foreigner, you can aquire away with saying, a€?Let’s split the billa€?. I have found it really works really to cover in rounds. Perhaps you grab the most important game and they’re able to pay money for another drink, java, or dessert order. Koreans have become sympathetic to unaware people from other countries that simply don’t fully understand their particular social norms.


Another cultural observance really worth mentioning would be that when Koreans day family, it really is generally carried out in rounds; food and products, coffees, more products, etc. Dates is close. It is very typical that the time should basic satisfy for lunch, following maybe a glass or two, and another activity, and another. Making alternating make payment on expenses convenient.

The Korean rounds concept is excellent, since you can transform sites and would a number of different time tasks. Nonetheless this is annoying when you both tend to be indecisive and non-planners. Tip: need a back-up arrange, secret plan, or be ok asking and answering issue a€?So, exactly what do you should do next?a€? several times through your time.

Types of times.

For the most part, schedules could be as typical as what I’ve practiced home. You find one common interest, and determine what you both would like to create when you meet. Below are a few associated with the typical dates I’ve been on while residing in Korea.

Common food dates.

Both of you must consume right? Well certainly one of the best basic date dinners is actually Korean BBQ. For me, Korean BBQ provides all of the makings of a fantastic basic day. More Korean men will say a common food is samgyeopsal (grilled chicken stomach), so they really’ll feel pleased. And it’s really easy for soju, alcohol, and ideally discussion to stream while looking forward to the meats to barbecue grill. Ensure you pose a question to your day just what their most favorite proportion of soju to alcohol (maekju) is, for the great somaek mixture.

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