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Worth of an antique Zenith Console Head Unit?


Worth of an antique Zenith Console Head Unit?

We were recently cleaning out a vintage space building and discovered this Zenith furnishings means record-player. From the things I can determine by googling they, possibly a 1963 or 1964 design? I really could be completely wrong though? Any information on which the worthy of or the property value they?


It is impossible in order to a price with only the knowledge offered as appreciate was based on cosmetic situation, employed disease (broadcast. turn-table, speakers all working?), location in which situated.

Location is essential as transport stuff like this will be extremely expensive so vendors normally write these as ‘pick up only’. This implies you could be in an area that adore these older systems or your neighborhood could move all of them by regarding the suppress free of charge (like my place).

It appears your system was from 1964 assuming in doing work situation (and great area) could possibly be respected from $100 – $500 but it usually takes quite a few years to offer.One eBay not too long ago got an equivalent system detailed for $100 for over 24 months rather than offered.Similar age/style ended up selling for $100 in 2020:furnishmevintage/ . /

You can check e-bay’s on the market listing (I didn’t see your exact sort on the market) and put a wrist watch on any console to see if it carries. Inquiring pricing dont represent importance as only a sold list will tell you just what some one ended up being ready to pay.Check completely eBay’s for sale stuff:ebay/ . / i.html?_nkw=Vintage+ZENITH+STEREOPHONIC.

A few units currently offered over the last several months very check out what sold and where it had been placed.ebay/ . / i.html?_nkw=Vintage+ZENITH+STEREOPHONIC.

Zenith had been started in 1923. Of the 1930s, Zenith got a few big production facilities from inside the Chicago region, producing broadcast chassis, cupboards, as well as other electronic devices.Zenith set up one of the primary FM stations in the country in 1940 (Chicago’s WWZR, later on also known as WEFM, called for Zenith professional Eugene F. McDonald), that has been among original FM multiplex music station, very first broadcasting in stereo in Summer 1961. en.wikipedia.org/ . / Zenith_Electronics#:

I did not select confirmation this product are from 1964. Anyway this might be antique 1960s Zenith record-player system STEREO unit SL2505.

In regards to the terms. Here 1963 unit SK2506T is found on purchase for $ 142 with local pick-up best ebay/ . / 401821675684.Here for $ 100 shoppok/ . / a,34,91146,Zenith-Stereophonic-Record. Right Here 1962 product MH2865 in great condition is for A? 899 . / 303534559418.Here 1963 product SK2506T for $1,300 ebay/ . / 223231995617, when I see the vendor didn’t recognize the year, this unit was explained right here m.blog.naver/ PostView.naver?isHttpsRedirect=true. .

Therefore, the cost is extremely dependent on the condition of the record player unit in addition to location (shipping expenses). In reality these units are worth exactly what some one will pay. Perhaps anybody will probably pay $ 1000 for any perfectly working console.

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Matter: Information about Zenith System Record Player

Can people tell me such a thing about my personal Zenith Stereophonic Solid State unit. You will find featured on the internet and haven’t been able to find whatever matches my model number and I have not been able to find a graphic just like my own.


The most important website link demonstrates what I believe will be the exact system in an advertisement labelled from 1968. really slightly blurry–but In my opinion one throughout the lower spot is it. That is just a little late–I got much more willing to think it actually was as 3rd link said from 1962-1965–both could possibly be appropriate should they generated the same model repeatedly from 1962-1968. I am aware somewhat about these. however the nitty gritty that they perform thereon 3rd site–it used to be the resource–you may want to join and chat with all of them. these were excellent, although the become some time since I have used all of them.

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