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New mothers, take note: Here’s how to lose post pregnancy weight


It is important to take care of your body after delivering a baby as the body becomes very weak internally and externally because of hormonal changes in the young mother. Keep yourself hydrated and consume adequate calories, says an expert.

Celebrity fitness trainer Yogesh Bhateja has shared some key elements that will help one in speedy recovery and getting back in shape in a healthier way.

1. The most important thing we tend to ignore is the benefit of keeping yourself hydrated. New mothers must keep themselves hydrated all the time.

2. It’s essential to do breathing exercise every morning. It calms the nervous system and delivers the essential oxygen to your healing tissues.

3. Consume adequate calories: Post-natal period is the time when your body has gone through a lot of stress and gets weaker. Hormonal changes happens. New mothers must eat adequate amount of calories to recover, especially in the first six weeks which are very important.

4. Eat a diet rich in proteins, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants. Some of them can be:

5. Beware of elements like sugar, smoking, alcohol, steroids, stress, poor sleep and crash diets. These should be avoided since they effect the healing process.

6. Opt for short but high intensity interval training targeting major muscles, so that the larger amount of intramuscular energy stores can be used.

7. Important tip: Don’t rush for speedy weight loss, give little time to your body to heal and recover.



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